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Wide Open Spaces: Diastema

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cartoonI’m sure in your life either when talking to someone or just watching celebrities on TV you have noticed a gap between their front teeth. Think about personalities like Michael Strahan, Madonna and Woody Harrelson. And don’t forget Sponge Bob! That space is called a diastema.

A diastema doesn’t necessarily have to be between the front teeth, it could be anywhere in the mouth, although it is most common to occur within the front teeth. It can be caused by several different things like misaligning jaw development, the way tissue attaches and tongue thrusting.

Some people don’t mind that they have a space in their teeth while others are bothered by it. Thankfully, it can be easily corrected with orthodontic treatment. There is a strong chance that it may relapse and come back again after braces are removed, so it’s best if you go through orthodontic treatment to correct it that you get a fixed retainer placed on the back side of your teeth to hold them in place.

If you have any questions about spacing within your own teeth or you children’s teeth, don’t hesitate to ask at your next dental appointment at Szmanda Dental Center.