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Undoing Damaged Teeth

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Broken smiles don’t need to be forever damaged. If you have chipped, cracked or discolored teeth, don’t lose hope of ever smiling again! We can help you at Szmanda Dental Marathon.

Teeth become damaged not only from a violent blow to the mouth, but for many less exciting reasons that include poor dental hygiene (ignoring tooth decay and gum disease), poor nutrition, genetics, and underlying dental issues that go undiscovered for a long period of time. No matter the reason, addressing tooth damage now helps to avoid serious complications to your oral health in the future.

Our experienced dentists are highly trained in cosmetic dentistry and can give you the options for the most appropriate treatment of damaged teeth. We can also help you understand the underlying issues that have caused your teeth to be susceptible to damage in the first place.

These are some of the treatments we provide for damaged teeth:

-Cavity repair and dental fillings to fill the holes made by decay.

-Covering or capping your damaged tooth/teeth with dental crowns.

-Tooth bonding fixes cracks and chips in teeth. It also realigns a bite that has become misaligned.

-Porcelain veneers help to fill ugly gaps in teeth, discoloration, cracks, and chips.

If you have teeth that have become worn or damaged, come see Dr. Yvonne Schulke to fix multiple issues. He will be happy to help you. Please contact Szmanda Dental Marathon to make an appointment at: 715-443-2247, or come by our office in Marathon, Wisconsin.