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The Secrets to Preventing Bad Breath

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Do you despise your bad breath? If so, you’re not alone. Many people consider bad breath annoying and quite inconvenient. So, what would you say if our dentist, Dr. Yvonne Schulke, told you they has the secrets you need to help you prevent bad breath? Well, it’s true! Now, as you may already know, it’s best to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse daily to help bad breath. Here are additional secrets that can help:

-Choose your toothpaste wisely: There are certain types of toothpaste that can help you prevent bad breath. In fact, mint toothpastes can clean your teeth and improve your breath while other toothpastes that have the freshening power of mouthwash can give you the pristine breath you deserve.

-Use a tongue scraper: Cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper can remove the bacteria on the surface that is causing the bad breath. This technique can be more effective than scrubbing with a toothbrush after brushing, so try using a tongue scraper regularly throughout the day!

-Drink more water: Dry mouth is a cause of bad breath, so make sure you stay hydrated by sipping on water regularly. This could be an easy task if you keep a water bottle with you as you work, run errands, and do house chores.

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