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The Oral Health Care Compendium to Nitrous Oxide

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Do you suffer from Dental anxiety? Dental anxiety is a condition in which you feel overly stressed or anxious due to visits to your dentist. Fortunately, dental anxiety can easily be overcome through the use of sedatives. Sedation dentistry can range from deep anesthesia to mild relaxants including the use of nitrous oxide. With the combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, laughing gas is formed.

Through the use of laughing gas as a general sedative, anxiety and stress can be easily overcome. In addition, laughing gas is extremely safe and effective, and will lead to a mild euphoria with potential lightheadedness that will wear off after treatments are ceased.

Laughing gas featuring nitrous oxide is designed for mild levels of relaxation. It is administered through a gas mask over top of a patient’s nose and mouth. To speak with your dentist about the varying levels of sedation and your desire for laughing gas to improve or treat dental anxiety, call us soon.

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