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The Neurological Benefits of Smiling

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You’ve seen how a smile can transform everything. You’ve had days where you were uplifted because of a simple grin. At Szmanda Dental Marathon and all around the planet, humans understand that a smile is a mighty key to a happier life. And hundreds of scientific studies support this idea.

So what exactly do these scientific studies report? How does this smiling phenomenon work neurologically and psychologically? Here are some interesting findings:

— Smiling releases neuropeptides in your brain that work toward fighting off stress and tell your body to calm down.

— When you smile frequently, people view you differently. They see you as good-looking, tranquil, genuine, and reliable. When someone sees you smiling, they actually feel rewarded and trust you more.

— When you smile, three hormones in your brain are released: dopamine—your body’s “happiness drug”, endorphins—natural pain relievers, and serotonin, an organic antidepressant.

— The aspect of your brain that forms your facial expressions is also accountable for smile imitation. This makes smiling contagious. You can support people by smiling at them and even improve the attitude of an entire room because each time others see you grin, your brain encourages them to return the favor.

Dr. Yvonne Schulke and their team here in Marathon, Wisconsin, know how important a grin can be. We practice dentistry because we want you to be relaxed and assured about your smile, and we know that we can make that happen. Please call our office at 715-443-2247 so we can help give you a smile that is white, bright, and ready for any blue day.