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Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those….Dimples?

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I love it when you smile. Those dimples are so darn cute! What causes those puckers in your face anyway?



Most often we see dimples on people’s faces, usually in the cheeks but also in the chin. Dimples can be genetic. My dad has them, so does my brother. They are already developing while you are a bun in the oven of life. But, did you know that those cute little buggers are actually a deformity?

Dimples are caused by a deficiency in the length of the muscle and connective tissue. They are found on other parts of the body but are most noticeable in the face. Chin dimples are usually always there due to the connective tissue pulling the skin towards the chin. Dimples in the cheeks usually only show up when we smile due to how the muscles work and a shortened cheek muscle. We also have a little bit more chubbiness to our cheeks, which hides dimples until we grin. If we lose a little weight in our face, we may lose those dimples all together because the muscle will pull longer when we smile and there is less fat to enhance them.

Even if dimples are a deformity, we love them and we especially love to see people smile. So show off those little cheek divots as much as you can and share your smile with us at Szmanda Dental Center!