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Introducing Mouthwash to Your Child’s Oral Care Routine

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If you are unsure what age your child should begin using mouthwash, our dentist and team are happy to provide the details and information you need to help your child have good oral health. Our dental team is committed to helping your child have the best possible oral health and happy smile, and we are happy to provide some tips on when and how to help your child rinse with mouthwash.

First, keep in mind that mouthwash should not be introduced until after a certain age. In fact, while your child is younger than the age of six, they should not use mouthwash during their oral care routine. This is mainly because mouthwash isn’t safe for very young children since they are very likely to swallow it and could become sick to their stomach as a result. Another reason is because mouthwash often contains fluoride, and if your child’s are exposed to fluoride too often, they can develop a condition called fluorosis.

Now, when your child reaches an age to use mouthwash, they will still need to be supervised when swishing it around their mouth, as a precaution to ensure they don’t swallow it. You can encourage the use of mouthwash by making rinsing more fun and turning it into a game for your child. This can help them feel more inclined to maintain proper oral hygiene.

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