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How Is a Dental Crown Made?

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Dental crowns are designed with a lot of durability so that daily chewing and grinding won’t cause them to crack. When you come see the dentist for a dental crown, our team creates a detailed impression of the teeth in your smile, but an off-site dental lab typically handles the creation of the crown itself. To help you learn more about this type of restoration, we review the process of dental crown creation.

Dental lab technicians refer to the dental impression created at our office to ensure that the dental mold is accurate to your smile. The technicians refer to this mold to understand your personal tooth alignment, as well as act as a reference to create another dental impression with materials that can be placed in high heat.

Using metal or porcelain, technicians can heat the crown to 2400 °F, and then process it through an additional heating period to cure the material. Following the cooling process, the crown is removed from the impression and provided some finishing coats to leave it clean and polished. The crown is then thoroughly examined before being sent to Szmanda Dental Marathon for our dentist to cement in your smile.

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