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Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Oral Emergency Treatments?

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An oral emergency is an accident that arises in your mouth which is immediate and requires abrupt treatment. Even though most oral injuries are not life threatening, your recovery time could be determined based on the steps you take after an accident has taken place. Most accidents cannot be fixed or treated without the help and care of a licensed dentist, but there are things you can do before help is available.

If a tooth is damaged and a dental filling or dental crown is knocked loose, it is important to cap the exposed area. With dental fillings, cover the open area with a cotton swab until a visit to your dentist can be scheduled. With a dental crown, gently place a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil over the damaged tooth.

Mouth jewelry is well-known for causing oral injuries. They can slice your gums, cut your lips, and in many instances even crack and fracture teeth. If your teeth have been broken due to mouth jewelry or another form of damage, it is important to clear the injured area around the wound and apply gauze until the bleeding stops. Furthermore, if the tooth is loose, do not attempt to pull it out.

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