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Become Familiar With the Process of Receiving a Dental Veneer

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Are you interested in improving the appearance of your smile with dental veneers but are nervous about receiving dental care? If so, we would be happy to offer further information about your treatment procedure to help you feel more prepared and at ease during your visit. We invite you to learn more about dental veneers by reviewing the following description of the steps:

Step 1: First, Dr. Yvonne Schulke will determine whether dental veneers are the right course of action for your smile by performing an examination of your teeth and surrounding areas. This may require us to produce a series of dental X-rays. If dental veneers are approved, we can set to work creating you a customized treatment plan for your cosmetic goals.

Step 2: Next, we prepare the tooth by numbing it and the surrounding area with a local anesthetic and then trimming the outer tooth layer to support the dental veneer. An impression of the prepared tooth and any relevant areas is submitted to the dental lab to custom create your dental veneer.

Step 3: Once the veneer has been made, we will assess its shape, size, and color, to ensure it is right for your tooth before we cement it into place.

To learn more about dental veneers in Marathon, Wisconsin, contact Szmanda Dental Marathon at 715-443-2247 today and arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Yvonne Schulke.